East Midlands Dog Rescue is a group of volunteers who place abandoned and unwanted dogs in new homes. Among the many breeds regularly looking for new homes are often retired Greyhounds and Lurchers.

We are always in need of items on our Essential Shopping List, if you have any spare used clothes, bedding, washing powder, bleach, refuse bags, dog food (preferably Chappie), then please let us know.

A minimum suggested donation for adopting one of our dogs is £95 to help towards the running of the rescue centre. This does not cover the costs of helping just one dog but at least enables us to continue our operation.
EMDR Charity shop opening times...Opens at 9:30 and closes at 4:30 except Wednesdays and Saturdays when it shuts at 13:30, not open on Sundays.
When contacting us please be patient, this organisation is run by a small number of volunteers who, as you can imagine, have many many things to do and will get back to you as soon as they can.


Some kind people in Blaby are trying to find homes for some deserving dogs:-

If you would like to come and have a look and meet our residents, then the kennels are open every Sunday morning 10am - 1:00pm & Wednesday 10:00am - 12:00pm. All other times by appointment.




Approx 30 months



Stella has already spent half her life in rescue, she needs a home where she can shine and know the comforts a warm loving home can bring.

Stella is lovely and loving once she overcomes here natural fear of new things.  Sheis strong on a lead and needs to be an only dog as having been in kennels so long she's not had a chance to socialise.  Can you give her a chance to put the years of rescue centres behind her?

20th April updated needing a home.  

Please note the rescue centre is closed until further notice.  Please contact us on the temporary landline 0116 2862388.  Sandyís personal mobile can be used by anyone who has rehomed a dog from us in the past.  Thank you.


Really desperately seeking a home ... We have a few overlooked boys and girls needing a home who have been with us too long




Sarah Chetwynd has given up chocolate ... yes chocolate ... in an inspired effort to raise funds for EMDR.  Come on how many of you out there could give up chocolate!?  So thank you Sarah and if youíd like to support Sarahís efforts click on the link below.   Maybe you could donate the cost of that chocolate you were about to buy!


A wonderful supporter is going to run, walk and crawl a half marathon for us on May 11th this year. Itís not just the run but all the training and effort to get to the start line as well! We wish you all the best Elizabeth and thank you for doing this :) ... rather you than me!  Please help encourage and support Elizabeth on the link below ...


We are thrilled to say that Zac, the abandoned Chihuahua, has made almost a complete recovery!  As you can see here with one of our volunteers heís bright and alert.

Zac was in a terrible condition when found abandoned in a cardboard box and we really didnít expect him to survive, all we could do was to try and make his last few hours as comfortable as possible.

Perhaps his indomitable spirit buoyed by all those thousands of well wishes and prayers, as well as the tender ministrations of our vets, was what got him through.

Itís all better from here on in for this little warrior :)

We would like to say a big thank you to all of you who supported us in our efforts to save Zac, give yourselves a pat on the back!

A little over a year ago, an abandoned and pregnant Lucy was rescued in Spain and brought to us here at EMDR.  Happily Lucy had eight gorgeous pups born on the 4th March 2013 all of whom have found their 4ever homes, Lucy too!  To celebrate this happy ending and their birthdays we had a party here on Sunday where Lucy and her children were reunited and their owners could meet, swap stories and tuck into the lovely food prepared by our volunteers. So thank you to all the great people who took this Spanish family in and then came back to share in this special occasion! :)

The puppies are Spike (was Carlos), Diego, Freya, Estreya, Josie, Ludo (was Matteo), Rip (was Sparks) and Coco (was Sienna who couldnít be with us sadly)

A BIG Thank You to everyone at Pets at Home - Fosse Park who were fundraising for East Midlands Dog Rescue last week ..

Special thanks to

Anne Barrett and Gracie,
Donna Sheaff with Amy and Amber 
Tracey Ison, with Paul and Team Whippet 
Katy Ratcliffe with Wells on his first outing with her 
Jackie Solomon with singing Bentley and Twiggy
and Ambi and Young Katie making their fundraising debuts

Also Tracey Hayward and the lovely Kiera (who is sadly losing her sight) for donating whippet coats that she normally sells to pay for Kieraís treatments.

Once again the lovely greyhound Sonia worked her little socks off and the fabulous Daley helped her out cheerfully all day long.

They had a wonderful day, all those hounds, and not a cross word, greeting puppies, people and children all day and raising a marvellous £140.85.

Charlie's belated 15 year Birthday Gift

Charlie was helping to fund raise for EMDR before she was 3 years old; at tombolas, shouting 6 tickets for a pound, cuddles for dogs and tin shaking. Charlie and her family moved to Cyprus with the RAF but each time they come home on leave, Charlie helps at the EMDR Rescue Centre.

In Cyprus Charlie has been giving up her Saturdays to help out at a Rescue over there. There are so many dogs needing homes and never enough people - half as many as in the UK. We talked at Christmas about the situation as she so desperately wanted to help. I asked if she would like to give a dog a chance in the UK for her birthday gift. Charlie found it very difficult to choose from so many but in the end she picked 2 - Katy and Bono (see their pictures in Dogs needing a home.  These beautiful dogs are the result. Well done Charlie - I'm so proud of you. Grandma (Lynne Simpson).

IN EMDRs great new reception room the talented Emma Wilkinson has painted a tree of remembrance. This beautiful tree has leaves in full bloom with room to write in the name of a beloved pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge.

For a £5 donation your lost loved one can have their name beautifully written on a leaf and, if you wish, you can provide a photo and a few words and we'll put them on this website on the Gone but not Forgotten page.

We've lost four dear friends and they're all on the tree, it makes us smile to see them there :) 

Email garry.copeland@gmail.com with picture and words for Gone but not Forgotten page and send name and donation directly to EMDR.

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